Why use Mulch and Bark

Why use Mulch and Bark and which one is best to use?

Bark & Mulch are used for a number of reasons in the garden, it helps to suppress weeds, perfect for
tidying up and giving the garden beds a lift, it is great for water retention and if the right one is used
it also breaks down and adds nutrients to your garden soil.

If you are after something that will feed your soil as it breaks down you are best choosing a mulch
such as Sugar Cane Mulch, Tea Tree Mulch, Forest Mulch or Cypress Blend are all suitable.

Laying mulch helps keep the soil moist, you just need to ensure when watering you water heavy
enough to penetrate through the mulch and sparingly enough not to overwater your garden as the
mulch will retain moisture.

If you are more after something for weed suppression the mulches all work well, but the barks and
woodchips will take a slightly longer time to break down.

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